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  • Economy: Building confidence crucial amid an uncertain recovery

    16 September 2020

    js4399金沙线路手机版 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten jobs, businesses and the health and well-being of millions of people, causing exceptional uncertainty. Building confidence will be crucial to ensure that economies recover and adapt, says the latest Interim Economic Outlook.

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  • Environment: More can be done to ensure a green recovery from COVID-19 crisis

    14 September 2020

    Many countries are making “green” recovery a central part of stimulus packages to drive a sustainable, inclusive, resilient recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. But some countries are also taking measures that risk having a negative environmental impact, according to Making the Green Recovery Work for Jobs, Income and Growth.

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  • Environment: Countries must do more to ensure sustainable development for our oceans

    ©Shutterstock/Huy Thoai
    8 September 2020

    Countries need to work together to defend the ocean from rising temperatures, pollution and overfishing, which threaten its ability to continue supporting marine life and providing food and income for billions of people, according to, Sustainable Ocean for All. The report expects the ocean economy to grow rapidly in the next decade.

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  • Education: Education critical for a more resilient society

    8 September 2020

    The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the many inadequacies and inequities in education systems around the world. As governments start rebuilding their economies and people’s livelihoods, long-term public spending on education must remain a priority, according to Education at a Glance 2020.

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  • Development: The future of Africa’s cities

    11 September 2020

    js4399金沙线路手机版 Video: African cities hold huge potential for driving future economic and social development, but what are the challenges? How can urban planning and management be harnessed and what actions should governments take? Our guest experts give their views as part of our new special focus on urbanisation in Africa.

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    js4399金沙线路手机版OECD Chief Economist Laurence Boone explains why building confidence is so crucial for recovery and presents the main findings of the latest OECD Interim Economic Outlook. Watch now.

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  • Schools, education and COVID-19

    In the first half of 2020, countries all over the world closed their schools to slow the spread of Covid-19. As schools reopen, what are the challenges facing teachers, students, parents and policymakers? How are education systems adapting? Watch our video. For more, visit: http://www.ppvpge.icu/education/education-at-a-glance/

  • OECD Podcasts get you to the point of policy

    How can we all help shape better policies for better lives? In just 15 minutes, we bring you insightful interviews with OECD experts and guests on today’s pressing issues such as COVID-19, inequality, jobs, international co-operation and more. OECD Podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify and http://soundcloud.com/oecd

  • Health essentials from OECD iLibrary

    js4399金沙线路手机版"What role might the social outcomes of education play during the COVID-19 lockdown?", “Health for Everyone?: Social Inequalities in Health and Health Systems”; "Taxing Wages”. For these reports and more, including working papers, journals and articles, visit OECD iLibrary.